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With a combined experience of over 20 years in business and coaching, we help leaders stop comparing themselves to others and discover their true, individual leadership style.

To work with us is fun and safe; challenging and comforting; raw and planned.


With our methods, you are guaranteed to make an impact.

We are Gabi Miller and Amelia Saberwal,

your Fairy Coachmothers.

Amelia Saberwal


​Amelia is a CTI certified leadership, life and presentational coach, facilitator, leader, workplace strategist, and classically trained actor.

Eclectic, yes, and the perfect balance for the work she does - helping leaders be who they need to be to have the greatest impact on their work.

She has first-hand experience of: 

  • International teams and projects

  • Pitching and winning work

  • Day to day ups and downs of running a business


Gabriella Miller

IMG_8109 (2).JPG

Gabi is a life and business coach and a trainee psychotherapist.


Gabi studied Psychology at university and went on to qualify and certified as a professional coach with the Coaching Training Institute in 2017.

She's a full time vegan who can usually be found drinking an oat milk latte.


What we do:

Turn managers into leaders

Mute imposter syndromes

Create personal leadership styles

Get individuals ‘change ready’​

Lead with confidence

Pivot Points Podcast

When we aren't coaching brilliant individuals, we also record a podcast!


We explore how our guests' lives have pivoted and how they have coped with those changes.

Our interviewees range from olympic athletes to Rabbis to successful entrepreneurs, offering a wide range of insight into human behaviour and leadership styles.

Image by Jukka Aalho

"Pivot Points really helped my leadership because they completely

opened my eyes to the value of coaching to a

healthy work culture. Their work really has value for



"I can't recommend Gabi and Amelia enough to

people who need to coach within their leadership roles."


"Amelia and Gabi’s work reinforced my belief that it’s possible for people to analyse and work out to a large extent what their problem is and how it could be solved. "

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