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Resilience for Leaders

This four part course is designed to create resilient leaders and equip then with essential leadership tools.

It will give them lifelong methods to use at times when things feel out of control, stuck or just plain impossible to see differently. 

Each workshop builds upon the other to strengthen their resiliency. It creates consciousness about how they can lead both themselves and others at times of change and uncertainty. 

A critical component of leadership is to understand and navigate one’s own resiliency. It means the leader is able to pivot and rebound when the going gets tough and adversity looms.


Where we lose our resilience is when we feel out of control, like there are no options and it seems like we’re spinning our wheels and not going where we want, which is where Resilience for Leaders comes in.


The workshops:

Anchor 1


Personal Leadership

The first session identifies participants' inner critics and introduces them to their inner leader, the most resilient part of themselves.


We are our own worst enemy. We often stand in our own way; and our mindset is determined by the quality of our thoughts and questions.


Resilience is always low when we are cruel to ourselves. 


Personal Resilience Story

The aim of the second session is for participants to leave with an enhanced understanding of their own resiliency skills, where they exist already and the common pitfalls they find day to day.

Self awareness around resilience is critical. If we understand our default reactions to situations we can choose to be different, in order to create different options and choices.


Control Concern Influence

The third session identifies where participants default to, when in the pressure cooker. It teases out what does not serve them, and teaches them a tried and tested method to combat the ‘loss of control’.


When stress overwhelms us, we are naturally drawn to areas we’re powerless in (office politics, hierarchy, comparison to others, the clients decision making process!). So it’s easy to lose focus and spend energy on the wrong things.


Perspectives and Choice

The fourth session is all about unsticking what feels stuck. It provides a tool to access different perspectives and ways of thinking which, ultimately, leads to different choices and action.


There is always more than one way to approach a situation, even when it doesn’t feel like it at the time. The definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Our resilience takes a huge hit when we can’t see another way. It’s disempowering and scary.


4x 90 minute webinars

Maximum 8 participants


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