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Leadership Mechanics

Coaching sits at the epicentre of successful leadership. 

Often within organisations, people are promoted into leadership positions because they are good at their job.  But, there is a difference between managing the day to day, and inspirational, effective leadership.

It requires considerable upskilling in feedback, delegation, difficult conversations, HR sensitive issues, and the ability to juggle numerous, usually completely unforeseen, curve balls on a daily basis – all on top of the day job! And invariably they are left to figure it out on their own. 

Our programmes are designed to give leaders applicable, real-life, powerful tools to lead themselves and others through the trickest of leadership challenges. 


Build resilient leaders who can:

  • manage change

  • be the calm in the storm

  • motivate teams

  • hone and own their leadership style

4 part series of 90 minute webinar or in person formats


Coaching and mentoring are critical leadership skills to unlock the best in a team. This  workshop leaves leaders with the tools to: 

  • lead not manage 

  • empower not tell 

  • be exceptional listeners

  • have powerful conversations


A (very full) one day course  


Who's in control of your life, your fear and self doubt or your fierce, courageous self?

Understanding when you're listening to negative, limiting self talk or resonant, empowering narratives is the secret weapon you didn't know you needed.

90 minute self reflective workshop 

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Leading as a team is tricky to navigate. Different personalities, different agendas, different vision and purpose. This can lead to fractures and frictions.  Design a leadership that:

  • harmonises

  • holds each other accountable

  • gives and receives feedback

  • achieves together

  • withstands change 

Invest in a time and reflective space to create a resilient, robust, fully charged leadership team.

6 month programme


Looking at what you want to do and where you want to go in your life and who you need to be (or stop being) to get there.

Programmes vary from 3 to 6 months depending on budgets and desired results!


"I'd recommend this to my colleagues and peer group and anyone genuinely committed to self- improvement and to positively influencing others."

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Join us for an open workshop.

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