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Lead with Coaching

"I'd recommend this to my colleagues and peer group and anyone genuinely committed to self-improvement and to positively influencing others."

This one day workshop concentrates on the art of powerful conversations.


We believe coaching sits at the epicentre of successful leadership, so participants learn a coaching skills model that provides the building blocks for influencing conversations. It will equip any manager with the critical coaching capabilities to turn up for work the next day a Leader.

Often within organisations, people are promoted into leadership positions because they are good at their job.  But, there is a difference between managing the day to day, and inspirational, effective leadership.

It requires considerable upskilling in feedback, delegation, difficult conversations, HR sensitive issues, and the ability to juggle numerous, usually completely unforeseen, curve balls on a daily basis – all on top of the day job! And invariably they are left to figure it out on their own. 

And now add in the pressures of work life today; communication is hard enough in person, working side by side – but with most teams working remotely, leadership requires a new set of skills to navigate the tumultuous landscape of remote working, accountability holding, less staff, uncertain futures, shifting workloads, general fear and anxiety... and the emotional list goes on.


What you will learn
  • A coaching model that is easily applied and can be utilised in any leadership conversation to influence, empower, delegate and feedback.

  • How to have a coaching conversation.

  • Powerful questioning techniques

  • Tuning into 2 levels of listening

  • How our perception influences how we manage and communicate at work.

  • And there are plenty of opportunities to skill drill the core competencies of coaching.


1x Full Day Workshop


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