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Leadership Team Coaching

Leading as a team is tricky to navigate. Different personalities, different agendas, different vision and purpose. This can lead to fractures and frictions. But it takes a village, right? So 

- how do we design a leadership that harmonises - even when in disagreement? 

- How do we hold each other accountable - without it getting accusatory and emotional? 

- What do we want to achieve together and what’s getting in our way?

We appreciate the need for compromise and the need for autonomy - and it’s possible to have both!

We create a space and a programme for you to have these conversations within. Time, reflection and carefully designed candour results in a resilient, robust, charged leadership team. 

How we get there:


A 6 month process to imagine, reflect,  align, take action and, ultimately, - change!

See below for the various activities and process. 

Additional one to one coaching is available to support individuals in parallel with this journey. 


The process:

Anchor 1


Personal Leadership

First, we look at YOU. As a human being, not just a work entity. We see how you roll as a leader in your own life. 

2 hour workshop.

Leave with an understanding:

  • of self, what holds you back (saboteurs) and how to work with that.

  • how a leaders mindset impacts their results.


Get Strategic

1. Visioning

We identify  'pain points', unearth and brainstorm what 'amazing' looks like. Define ‘what we want to commit to’

2. Strategy: How we get there

Laying the big ideas out on to a timeline for tracking progress


Lead with Coaching 

Bolster your leadership toolkit. 

Learning the fundamentals of coaching - powerful questioning, acute listening, self awareness about how you show up to your team. 

  • How to fold coaching into daily leadership practises, whether it be for mentoring, appraisals or managing tricky individuals! 

  • Essential skills to enable leading up, down and across in the most effective and inspiring way.


Track & Monitor Progress

Monthly Check In’s 

  • 3 hour coaching sessions with the full team

  • Looking at the strategy - tracking progress, updating, adjusting.

  • Also coaching mindset and behavioural shifts required to meet the ambitions of the strategy.


1 x webinar

1 x day course

1 x day strategy workshop

5 x half day strategy sessions

participants - tbd


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