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1:1 Bespoke Coaching

"Gabi and Amelia were very professional, empathetic, clearly knew their stuff and made the whole session fun."

A one to one experience with a leadership coach. Supporting your leaders through their own road blocks and barriers to effective and inspiring leadership.

This is deeply personal work and each participants' content will differ depending on their needs and requirements. We highlight their strengths and work on confidence building around their natural skillsets.

We delve into how they feel around difficult conversations, how they feed back to their teams, hold accountability, hold the space for goal setting and managing performance.

Coaching's power is in iterative, incremental learning. Coaching sessions are there to reflect, develop and consciously embed the learning, so that it becomes part of their behavioural 'muscle memory'.


What you

A 1:1 Bespoke coaching programme that enhances:

  • Self awareness development to understand impact on an interaction

  • Impact Awareness

  • How to master and control mindset and emotions in order to influence, motivate and empower a team.

  • Coaching techniques that are critical to forming emotional intelligence, which, in turn, is critical to inspiring, effective leadership.


1:1 Bespoke Coaching packages are available on request. 

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