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"The Pivot Points team have really helped my leadership develop.  This is something that I think is so powerful and important and is often done so poorly. I’d like to practice the techniques and approach to give others space and create better collaboration and communication across people I work with."


"Gabi & Amelia helped show me the importance of recognising and responding to other people’s values; being willing to let other people come up with their own ideas rather than jumping in with advice or solutions; using your intuition to really understand what someone is communicating."


Amelia & Gabi’s work opened my eyes to the power of coaching, and the joy of guiding someone through an issue to come to their own solution or next step. I now feel able to  guide my team to come to their own conclusions and deepening their own understanding – will help to empower them. This will be really important as I move further in my career and can’t give all of the answers all of the time!


Make change happen.

Are you the leader you want to be?

Whether you're stepping into leadership or you're a seasoned pro in search of new methods, our work gives you a set of well-crafted tools to have powerful conversations, lead with impact, stop spoonfeeding the answers and empower your people. Pretty cool huh?

Leadership is a totally different skillset from ‘the day job’. As a leader, you need to be able to step away from ‘doing’ (we know how hard that is) and start ‘being’ a coach, a mentor, a role model and a visionary. 

Leadership demands you deal with constant change. There will always be another 'and' or ‘need’ from your team; yet you always feel time poor. 


So, you need to learn to let go, delegate, trust, give (kind, not crushing) feedback,  listen, see, respond with empathy AND direction

This is either inordinately stressful or hugely empowering. 


To master your inner critic, conquer tricky conversations and learn to delegate and let go.


Master Your


Mindset is at the epicentre of everything we do and so we start here.


Our thoughts create our reality - as Henry Ford said ‘Whether you think you can or you can’t - you’re right’.

Our work looks at the ways your mindset helps and hinders you. We give you practical memorable tools to quickly access your most capable self and conquer negative self talk.


Game Change Your Leadership Style

Have you ever really thought about your leadership style? 

Most leaders are thrown into their roles without a chance to think about how they want to lead.


How do you inspire? How do you delegate and give meaningful feedback?


These are critical skills that we need to master. 

Our work creates the space to develop a leadership toolkit, which includes how to coach and mentor, how to build a resilient team and mastering difficult conversations - making you a leader everyone will remember for years to come (for all the right reasons!)

Imagine your life when you have mastered these skills:

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